News & Events

We recently began a new season (autumn) and will soon begin a new liturgical year with the start of Advent, so we also begin with a new facility director! Hello! My name is Sr. Esther Leroux. Born and bred in British Columbia, Canada, I joined the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence some thirty years ago. This past August, I joined the Community at Divine Providence Community Home here in Sleepy Eye. With a bit of background in nursing home administration (I was in Milbank at St. William’s nursing home in SD) and a lot of experience with personal care of residents of all shapes, sizes and capabilities, I have found a wonderful, friendly group of staff and residents here ready to welcome me as one of the family! In the immortal words of Annie, “I think I’m gonna like it here!”
To help get things off to a great start, we will be holding our annual bazaar Nov. 6th. It is organized completely by the ladies’ auxiliary here -and, boy, do they work at it!
We had a fund raiser at Schutz Family Food Oct. 21st * those funds will go to purchase a new steam table for the kitchen staff to serve from.
Inside this issue you will find other dates, events and interesting tidbits so read on and enjoy! And have a wonderful day * God bless you!
Sr. Esther