The Divine Providence Auxiliary was formed in November of 1959, about a year before the opening of the Home. Now 51 years later, our members are still faithfully providing services and comforts for our residents.

The Auxillary has many duties that are performed throughout the year. There is a monthly Birthday Party honoring each resident born in that month. Cake and coffee are served, entertainment is provided and each resident celebrating their birthday receives a gift. At Christmas each resident receives $5.00 and also cable TV is provided. Divine Providence has a gift shop that is run by the Auxiliary and also a large rack of all occasion cards at a very reasonable price. Every Wednesday the ladies make quilts and rugs. All this money is used to help provide one of the many needs of the Home.

Fundraising is also a very important part of the Auxiliay. The fall bazaar (held the first Sunday  of November) raises money to be spent on specific resident needs. In the past, proceeds were used to purchase resident wander alarm system, wheel chairs, activity materials, and this years project, to help purchase 58 electric beds at a cost of $1200.00 each.

Today the Divine Providence Auxiliary continues to work to serve the residents of Divine Providence Home with their love and generosity just as they did 51 years ago.